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We have added voting to GPSed Blog to make GPSed service better. You can find it on the right bar of the blog’s home page.

We will change questions periodically to understand needs of our users wider.

Let’s improve GPSed together, vote now!

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7 Responses to “Your opinion is very important for us, vote now!”

herrpedro Says:

i receive news everytime i open my browser because i have a RSS reader pointed at the GPSed blog :)
keep up the good work


Aitor Says:

Every day, I wish to receive your new updates!! Please, don’t forget people that use it for running!! We only need, when we rewiev the track, the velocimeter for the differents points, it’s the best update for us!! A good example is the Nike+.

Keep your good job!! Many thanks for all!!

GPSed Says:

Aitor »
We are planning to add some sport-related features in nearest future, including altitude and speed charts.
So, stay tuned.

VOS07 Says:

Not sure if this is the right place to report a problem, but everytime i try to take a picture on my Blackberry 8130 with recording a track, track recording stops right at that point.

p.s., the sports related features sound great as I use it for running also!

bucodo Says:

I knew this wonderful service when I surf the web for GPS application for my BB 8800. Installing it by OTA ( new in Vietnam since we don’t have BIS/BES. Try to use it two time and found wonderful!
thank you very much!
This week I will make trip along Central of Vietnam and will up tracking with photo!

Thank again!

superdona Says:

I get an exception very often whne I open GPSed on my Blackberry 8310 and my tracks are often interupted and lost :-(

Hopefully ther will be a more stavble version in the near future because it is not reliable right now.

Convert to GPX does not work on my Blackberry, Program simply stops.

If the program would be morre sttable it would be perfect! No other GPS tracker is so nice.


GPSed Says:

superdona »
Thank you for your report. We are planning to release a new stable version of GPSed for BlackBerry in nearest future.