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April 23rd, 2009 by maphan

Dear friends,

Today we celebrate 50,000-th user who joined GPSed service. For 1,5 years of working together we have been creating powerful, functional and user-friendly GPS tracking service. Your feedback, comments, suggestions and remarks have been helping us to improve GPSed web-service and mobile applications and even to launch new directions.

As of today GPSed users recorded over 75,000 tracks in 176 countries and attached over 36,000 photos.

GPSed made a long interesting way from a simple web-service to comprehensive location-based solution with own mobile applications, powerful web-service and Monitoring Service that has been launched recently.
Today Pro and Basic versions of GPSed mobile applications are available for the most mobile platforms: Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone and Java/Symbian. web-service allows to archive, manage and share GPSed tracks, attach photos and a lot of more. And GPSed Monitoring Service covers the requirements from family tracking to industrial monitoring of mobile objects (vehicles).

The service received numerous positive reviews and to our pride in February 2009 GPSed won the Sony Ericsson Content Awards for the In-car applications category!

Thank you for being with us! Stay tuned for future updates and news!

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One Response to “50,000 users joined GPSed service!”

Vizael Says:

It is great service. I used to use it and going to use it in a future :)