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In the beginning of the year many of our users are starting to plan their trips in a beautiful places of the world. Don’t forget to take a camera with you to make nice pictures. Also don’t forget to take a device with GPSed mobile application installed. Track your trips and share your impressions with the others!

As usual we are trying to make the process of tracking more convenient for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, troubles or suggestions. We’ll do our best to solve all your problems together with you!

Today we would like to discuss “GPS filtering” feature. Many GPSed users are sending us e-mails and asking to describe what is “GPS filtering“.

This option allows you to filter the tracks points of low significance. Where is this option located on your device? It is located here: Menu > Settings > Track recording > GPS filtering.


Several modes of GPS filtering are available:

  • Low (by the default);
  • High;
  • Disabled (no filtering).

Taking this modes into consideration you can regulate the ratio of the track quality and the file size. The filtering could be changed directly during track recording.

When the filter is switched off (Disabled) the user receive the most accurate track. Using this mode you’ll get the track file of the larger size. “Disables” GPS filtering mode is recommended when your route has frequent and sudden changes of the direction or when you would like to obtain a track of a maximal accuracy.

Normally it is recommended to use “Low” mode of GPS filtering. In that case you are able to have a compromise between accuracy of the track and the file size.

High” mode is recommended in situation when you are flying on air liner or something like that.High” mode is a maximal possible reduction of the track points amount. Track points reduction makes the traffic less when you upload the track on server and saves battery life. “Low” mode is also designated to reduce the track points although less than “High” mode.

We hope you’ve received some new and useful knowledge about GPSed Service.

Have any questions? Leave your comments and don’t hesitate to contact us!

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