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Stay in touch with your friends and relatives when you are traveling! Let them know places you’ve visited and your current location. Share your tracks obtained during trips to the Social Networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc!

There are two ways of track sharing:

1. By Internet from web-site

2. By mobile phone with GPSed application installed

Here we’ll discuss the possibility to share tracks from your mobile phone. To post a track to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc you have to enter your login and password. We guarantee that GPSed does not save your logins and passwords to the Social Networks.

Below are few examples of track’s sharing from GPSed Mobile Application, check it out. Images are clickable, so you can look at sharing results in original profiles of corresponding social networks.

Track sharing to Facebook (you will need to add me as a friend to see my profile)

Track sharing to MySpace

Track sharing to Twitter

There are several cases to share tracks from your mobile phone:

  • Before starting to make a new track: User receives a proposition to send a track to his friends to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc to follow him during his trip. In that case the mobile client will send a post to these Social Networks precisely in that time when the first points reach This way of sharing is realized by appropriated dialogues in a process of new track creation (the user also could disable this function).
  • During track recording: The user have already started track recording and decided to share it with friends. This could be realized in menu by “Upload” and “Share” functions which are valid during track recording.
  • The track is already finished: While choosing a command “Stop track” (or “Finish track”) user receives an offer to make his track available on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and
  • Sharing after long period after track is completed: User should choose the track he need in a “Tracks list”, for each track user could choose functions “Upload” and “Share”.

We also propose you a possibility to have your GPSed Position Widgets on your own blog, webpage or profile on Facebook, MySpace or!

When you are traveling be more friendly to people who are thinking of you - share your tracks in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc!

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