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October 22nd, 2008 by odonata

Search” function on GPSed opens various possibilities for us to “visit” places that many of us will never get to see unless we watch a travel channel. This however is more personal than reading guides for travelers and highlights the things that are the most interesting to us. Visit as a registered user, press “Map” and start searching.

Want to know more about this or another country? “Search by country” is really what you need. Choose the country of your origin or an “exotic” country and start your “virtual” trip. View the photos carefully and imagine you are the part of this adventures.

During such searching among GPSed tracks I’ve found many routes which impressed me greatly. I highlighted the authors who are making really nice tracks, with cool photos and useful information in a description.

You can also subscribe on the new public tracks of all users you like using RSS Feed.

I like Alex adventures on Greek islands, tracks by DoLphin at the Dniestr river in Ukraine, Vizael’s, Fbatista72’s  and Hitman’s tracks in a beautiful towns. I also enjoy flights by Aerobat!

The track by Cmlandau from the New York Botanical Garden with the unique plants represented there is worth to be viewed .

Tracks from expeditions by tourists are also amazing: in my opinion tracks by Marc78199 and Col Vieux Descent are really nice.

A separate group of exciting GPSed tracks created by GPSed Team is Historic TracksCircumnavigation of Ferdinand Magellan, Maiden voyage of Titanic, Heroic and the last trip of battleship Bismarck during WWII move you tens and hundreds years backward revealing these amazing stories on a map. Stay tuned on GPSed Blog for upcoming pieces of history in a new angle.

Besides the tracks mentioned above there are many little-known routs worth our attention. Press the “Search” button on GPSed and start your “virtual” trip through the tracks of GPSed users.

Yours sincerely,
GPSed Team

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