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September 14th, 2009 Author: odonata

GPS drawing is a nice and funny thing which you can do with your GPS.

According to NY Times (August 20, 2009), “Jeremy Wood, an artist based in London, coined the term “GPS drawing” nearly a decade ago and continues to maintain, a Web site compiling his and other GPS-produced images from around the world”.

It’s very exciting to draw your own picture or write a message using GPS, just take a look at YouTube video about Jenny Rice running. For the best results move quickly (e.g. by vehicle), then your track will look smoother and more accurate.



Just draw a picture or even a text in your imagination or on the map and start the track on your GPS. When your route is finished, upload your tracks to

Share them with your friends and don’t forget to take GPS with you next time!

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GPSed Team

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September 8th, 2009 Author: odonata


A new version of GPSed is under review by Apple. We believe the version will be approved quickly because some useful and awaited features are expected in this update.

In this version:

  • View altitude profile;
  • Choose manually measurement units (meters, feets);
  • Copy pictures to iPhone ‘Saved Photos’ album;
  • Many other improvements and fixes.

This update is definitely worth your attention, stay tuned to more news!

The version will be available for download as soon as it is approved by Apple.

Please leave your comments here, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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GPSed Team

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Recently the iPhone owners got a possibility to enjoy photo-attaching feature just directly from GSPed Mobile application. This feature is very convenient, take a photo and it will be automatically attached to the track.

Isn’t it amazing?

Now “Take & Attach photo” feature was also added to GPSed for BlackBerry version 2.0.0.

When satellites are found, press “Attach photo” in menu. A photo will be taken and attached to the track precisely at a place they were taken.

The photos and track will be uploaded to when you track is finished.


Moreover, the new version contains many visual and other improvements.

Get GPSed 2.0.0 version for your BlackBerry and try new features!

Upgrade to Pro


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GPSed Team

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July 29th, 2009 Author: odonata

As some of you might already know, a new version of GPSed for iPhone appeared recently in App Store.


A track list was added. Now you have an ability to record several tracks with your GPSed mobile application.

 Download link remained the same. Give it a try and keep an eye on our free updates!

Please leave your comments here, we love your feedback.

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Kind redards,
GPSed Team

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June 24th, 2009 Author: odonata

As some of you might already  know, GPSed mobile application is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, J2Me and Windows Mobile smartphones. Among all these GPSed versions the one for iPhone is the latest. Nevertheless, our developers are working on it and implementing more and more features in each release.

The newest version includes a huge update which is certainly worth your attention!

New features include:

GPSed is fully compatible with 3.0 OS and successfully tested on newest iPhone 3GS!

  • Photo attaching directly from the application.
  • New stylish user interface.
  • Convenient dialog for posting to social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blogger.
  • Speed bug fix. In the previous versions a speed bug occurred: when the speed was more than 36 km/h the current speed was shown as zero. Now with GPSed for iPhone v. 1.4 you will know the correct speed of your trip.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

How to attach photos to the track?

When you want to take a photo press the “camera” button in the right upper corner of GPSed application. Then press “Add Photo” button and follow the next instructions.

When the photo is taken you should confirm if you want to use this photo for your track or you’d like to retake it. All taken photos will be pinned to a map precisely at a place they were taken.

Download link in App Store remained the same. All registered users could upgrade to the newest version for free.

And the last good news from GPSed Team. The price of GPSed for iPhone is now $0.99 instead of $1.99. Hurry up to get an application for the lower price!

Please leave your comments here, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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GPSed Team

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June 19th, 2009 Author: odonata

The amount of GPSed users and GPSed Blog’s subscribers is growing and growing every day. That’s great and we are happy to announce that you can now follow us on Twitter to get GPSed blog updates sent to your Twitter feed!

Our user name is GPSed. We’ll tweet our latest news to keep you informed on what happens.

If you’re on Twitter, follow us with @GPSed!

Kind regards,

GPSed Team

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June 12th, 2009 Author: odonata

In spring we announced the release of a brand new GPSed Monitoring Service. Let me remind you that GPSed Monitoring Service is rather useful for those who want to track mobile objects on the map in real-time.

Let’s say you own a cargo company and want to track your vehicles in real-time, or  have little children or aged relatives that need to be watched at all times. If that’s the case  you will be excited about becoming a GPSed Monitoring Service user and will get the latest update of the application right away.

So, what’s been new? The “Alerts” tab was added on /monitoring/dispatch page.

It allows you to check all “events” (so-called “alerts”) which happen with your “objects” (switch to off-line mode, speeding, start/stop, connection lost/recover).

All registered users are welcome to update GPSed Monitoring Service for free! Just configure the alerts for your objects and view the events’ log. Now you will know when the tracked vehicle stopped, speeded, etc.

We hope this will be useful for GPSed Monitoring Service users. We love your feedback and waiting for your impressions impatiently.

Kind regards,
GPSed Team

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June 2nd, 2009 Author: Valery

Summer, the most lovely season for trips, has come. Do not forget to take your mobile device with GPSed application installed on a vacation and you will not regret. The summer for our team started with GPSed Web Services improvements.

The number of GPSed users and tracks uploaded are increasing every day. And we are happy to meet all of you on GPSed website. Nevertheless some of you probably noticed small troubles when our Web Services freeze occasionally. Sometimes this could happen as every day new users are coming and lots of new tracks are uploaded.

As we started searching for a solution, database refactoring was conducted. We are glad to inform you that GPSed Web Service should not be slow anymore.

Hope you’ll find this improvement useful. Stay tuned to more news and have a great summer!

Kind regards,
GPSed Team

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