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August 8th, 2008 by alex

Now it’s turn for BlackBerry owners to rejoice: we’ve just made a new release, labeled as 0.999 (oh really, does that 0.001 make any difference? :) Right after J2ME and Windows Mobile versions, it’s now possible to share tracks to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blogger. Besides that, now we’ve got a nice auto-zooming track preview screen in track recording mode. We’ve also fixed a handful of bugs, including a quite annoying one that caused exceptions during long track records.

New BlackBerry client

Feel free to download the update by following this link: GPSed Mobile for Blackberry v. 0.999, or you can point your Blackberry browser to

There are new version GPSed for Blackberry 1.0 available, we recommend to update for all users. Discussion in this post is closed.

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28 Responses to “GPSed for BlackBerry v0.999”

Jerry Says:

I get an error when trying to start this on my 8310. The error is:
“Error starting gpsbb: Module ‘gpsbb-2′ not found”

.962 worked great for me. but I get this after upgrading. Any ideas what cold be causing it? This is after a OTA install. Should I try a desktop install?

Jerry Says:

Update to my previous comment. It works from the desktop install. It looks like the gpsbb connector is not being installed in the OTA link. Thanks for a really cool tool! I love this program!

Jerry Says:

OK, I guess I need to get to work this morning (in the US…:) ), but I do have one question about this version. I see a screen above for sharing to MySpace, etc. Where is that? I don’t see it in any screen in the app nor on the website. Thanks again…

alex Says:

Jerry, thanks for your report! We’ve just updated the OTA installation and it should work now.

MySpace sharing - you will be offered to share the track when you start a new one. For existing tracks, navigate to the track list and then choose “Share” in the menu.

MTri Says:

I have problem when i choose Upload to, sometime 4.2%, sometime 10.7%, and at the same time the dialog disappear, after that go to by pc for checking and see the rout not like as on bb. Anyway thank you so much!

Andrew Says:

I like! A couple of suggestions though:

1) It still has trouble reconnecting to the bluetooth gps puck after extended signal losses, requiring the complete restart of the application. Would it be possible, at the very least, to add a “reset GPS connection” menu item so that users could save themselves quite a bit of hassle?

2) There should be something in the status bar at the top that shows if it’s actually logging to a track or not. Currently you get the green arrows and “tracking ok”, but this does not necessarily indicate that it is actually logging to a track — you have to look at the tracks screen to see the green arrows there. The green arrows should have a consistent meaning throughout the ap, and you should be able to see the active track in the status bar at the top.

Because there is no GPS reset menu item or automatic GPS timeout reset (request #1), I continually find myself restarting the application and forgetting to “continue the track”, because I see the green arrows at the top of the status and assuming everything is good to go. Then later I find I’m missing a leg of my journey.

Just my thoughts, otherwise this app does pretty much everything I need!

Pippo Says:

I updated my Blackberry 8800 (v. from 0.962 to 0.999.
I have two new issues (it was ok with 0.962) and an old one:

1. Settings change on their own:
For instance I set on “Track’s uploading” menu “Verify account” = Off and “Automatic Uploading” = 30min”.
After a while they change back to On and “Disabled”

2. Tracks are always “Private”
Every new track is always Private, I found no way to set it to public.
Even if I activate the “Request about GPSed LIVE track” and, when asked by the “Uploading Rate & Track Privacy” page, I check “Public” the track remains private.

3. Automatic uploading does not work
Looks like tracks are only uploaded when I stop them or when I do it manually: I’m not able to do it automatically.
This problem was also in 0.962.


Yeoman Says:

Installed 999 on my 8110 but now will not connect to my Bluetooth GPS. I have tried everything including reinstalling and repairing the device. The GPS is working with Google Maps so it must be an issue with 999. Now I cannot use Gpsed at all. Is there any way of reinstalling the previous version which worked fine for me although it did display metric tracking info even though set to imperial?

james Says:

I was just wondering how long it should take the gps to connect in a Blackberry curve 8330?

It seems to be taking a long time. This is the first time I have started the application I am out doors and so far not much has happened.

alex Says:

OK, thanks everyone for the feedback. It looks like the 0.999 might have been better, but we’ll do our best to make improvements as soon as possible.

MTri, Pippo - as uploading seems to work fine in our testing lab, today we’ll release a new version with extended logging capabilities. We’d really appreciate if you can help us in finding the problem. Please e-mail us to if you can.

The same applies to Yeoman’s problem.

Andrew - we’ll see what we can do with “Reset GPS” feature, but it will take some time. Problem N 2 will be fixed in today’s release.

Pippo - 1) and 2) also should be fixed in the next release.

james - it should take not more than several minutes. If it still doesn’t work, you can try changing application’s permissions and set Connection requests to Allow in your BlackBerry Advanced Options.

Please note that for those of you who experiences problems with 0.999, here’s the direct link to 0.962:

Thanks everyone again, we’re more than happy to see so much feedback!

alex Says:

Pippo, regarding your problem N 1.

I’ve just found out it’s actually a feature :)
These settings can be changed both in application settings, AND during the track start procedure. Application remembers the last choice. Thus, you can see settings resetting back to the values you’ve chosen on the latest track start. If you find this feature looking more like a bug, it would be nice to know how you’d want to have it implemented.

GPSed Says:

We have just updated GPSed for Blackberry to version 0.999.1
Following issues has been fixed in this update:
- “tracking OK” status while there’s no active track
- fixed problem with wrong track status (Public/Private)

We continue our hard work to fix all other bugs in this release and expect the new release in a couple of days.

If you experience problems with latest version you can still download previous release v.0.962. Alternatively, you can request us to send you a special version of GPSed with logging enabled - please send an email to and we will send you a version with logging. This can help a lot.

One more time - thanks everyone for the great feedback!

Jeff Says:

I’ve noticed that sending position by email doesn’t work on my setup (curve, with 0.999.1. Selecting ‘Email my position by email/sms’ creates the default email message but clicking to “Send Email/SMS” returns an error message of “Incorrect SMS” (even though “Send my position by email” is toggled).

Ron Says:


using v0.999.1 on BB 8330. screen shows GPS Connecting and does not change.. I have set permissions to Allow, (as your response to James noted) with no change..
Is this App suppose to work on the Verizon 8330 ???

alex Says:

Jeff - we’re checking the problem. If we reproduce it, we’ll fix it within several days.

Ron - Do other applications, like Google Maps, work with GPS at the same moment?
It’s important that you try it first at the open space and not indoors.
Do you have GPS set properly in BlackBerry advanced options?

Ron Says:

Google maps does work, however the fix it shows is aprox. 1500 to 1700 meters from my exact location… The Verizon application, VZ Navigator works perfectly, to a pin point.

Being outdoors will not make the software connect to the GPS, it will only effect how many satellites (if any) it sees!

The GPS is set to Location and I have set permissions to allow..

I have heard that Verizon has disabled the GPS for everything but their APPs (VZ Navigator) ????

Thanks for you’re help. If it works, your app will come in very handy when out of the network!!

Jeff Says:

@Alex, thanks. @Ron, it might very well be the case. For the longest time Google Maps didn’t show me the GPS location but I recently updated to 2.2.0 and it started working.

Devil6-6-6 Says:

i have a 2 part question
1) how do i copy the track info from my bb curve and upload it to my account in gpsed? when i tried copying the *.gpsed file and upload it through my computer it gave an error message like unsupported format
2) how do i upload the track info if i dont have a data plan?

Devil6-6-6 Says:

i was looking forward to upload a small test track to view it on the map…

[…] GPSed updated to 0.999: Now with social track sharing on Facebook, MySpace, twitter, and Blogger. […]

Dale Green Says:

Using 0.999 on a BB Curve 8330 and I have the same issue as the previous version 0.962. Only a very small (and not always the same) part of a track (like 3 km of a 60 km track) will upload via the BB application.

With 0.962 I could manually upload via the website but with 0.999 I get the following error:

Specified file ‘G:\BlackBerry\gpsed8AUG16′ has unsupported protocol version 2.03. Skipped

Telmo Says:

Please, I need a help.

I have a blackberry white gpsed 0.999.I create 2 new tracks today and when i try to upload this tracks via gpsed site i receive this error :

“Specified file ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Pc\Desktop\trilhadorio’ has unsupported protocol version 2.03. Skipped.”

I really need a help because these 2 tracks are very important to me and i can´t lose them.


Telmo Pinheiro

alex Says:

Telmo, Dale Green - we’ll check the problem you’ve described right now. I’ll post comment here as soon as we have any results.

Devil6-6-6, if you don’t have a data plan, you can copy the .gpsed file to your PC and then upload it via web service. If the web service complains about unsupported format, it might be the same problem as with Telmo and Dale Green, we’re checking it at this very moment.

Telmo Says:

New information about my problem…the error when a try to upload the track via website has change, now the error is :

1 File ‘Trilha do mirante’ is broken. Please try another one.
2 File ‘trilha do rio’ is broken. Please try another one.

Devil6-6-6 Says:

yesterday i tried the convert track to gpx format option in my mobile and it worked for one track, i was able to copy the *.gpx file to my computer and upload it and see the map in gpsed. but when i tried to create another track the gpsed file was created as usual but when i clicked on convert track to gpx format the application just quits to home page on my mobile (blackberry 8310), but then i found the *.gpx file in my mem card and tried to upload it, as i did earlier, but the page says “the file is broken please try a different file”… well these few tracks were just test tracks so they are not so important to me but i would appreciate any help or update

Valery Says:

Ok, what we have here:
- a problem with “unsupported protocol version 2.03. Skipped” should be fixed now
- problem with “File … is broken. Please try another one” still can appear for some tracks written by GPSed BB v.0.999(1). If you experience such problem you can try to convert track to GPX format using appropriate option in menu, and then try to upload GPX file via our web-site
- if this doesn’t help, it’s probably your tracks written by v.0.999 is broken completely and can’t be recovered (yes, it’s very sad :( )

Any way, I would recommend to update your 0.999 (or 0.999.1) versions to the latest release v.1.0, that was released yesterday, but not published in this blog yet. You can download newest version as usual: from or from GPSed downloads page

Telmo Says:

Sorry Valery but something is still wrong.

When I created the track “trilha do mirante” see the map of the track by gpsed of my blackberry, but when I arrived at home and went to upload via site that occurred error “has unsupported protocol version 2.03″. The following day I tried again and even began to file the error “File ‘Trilha do mirante’ is broken” (which remains to this day). I try copy the track of blackberry again and tried to upload through the website but continued the error of “broken track.”

Today the updated version of GPSED but still with the same error. Please, I need help.

If you want I could send you the file “trilha do mirante” track.

Thank you

Valery Says:

Telmo »
We have just checked new tracks created by GPSed version 1.0 - this tracks uploaded to our site without any problems.
But if you’ll try to upload older tracks created by v.0.999 (or 0.999.1) you still will see error message. And we can’t fix that, unfortunately.

Please, try to create new tracks using latest GPSed for Blackberry v. 1.0