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February 26th, 2010 by odonata

Hello everyone,

A new version of GPSed for iPhone is just released.

That definitely an update worth installing! In the current version a cool processing and filtering algorithm of GPS signal was realized. Now data display will be greatly improved!

This is a new era in GPSed for iPhone”, said one of our users in his e-mail this morning.

 Also, several new features were added in this version:

  • Reconnect algorithm in Live tracking was improved;
  • Photos and waypoints are now displayed on a Map tab;
  • “Finish date” field added in a track description;
  • MaxSpeed field now contains the max speed of each track, not the total max speed of all recorded tracks;
  • “Send Track by Email” button added;
  • and other improvements.

Enjoy your tracks accuracy with GPSed mobile application!

GPSed download link remained the same.

With kind regards,
GPSed Team

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4 Responses to “A new era in GPSed for iPhone”

Felipe Says:

You should consider having your web site,, in a mobile format as a web application to be more optimized for mobile users as me, an iPhone user.


Please bring GPSED to Palm WebOS! iPhone portability to WebOS is easy. See Used to have your service on a Blackberry and your app is great! Now needed on WebOS…Please!

Darryl M Says:

I am getting an error message “Error #0 Couldn’t save photo data into File Storage” when I try to upload track with pix to your server. The pix are on the photo folder. I’ve reset the iphone time accruately - with no result.

I’m out of ideas.


Valery Says:

Darryl M »
Thanks for feedback!
The problem was on our side, we have already fix it on our servers. Please click Upload button again in your GPSed for iPhone