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March 17th, 2009 by odonata

GPSed Monitoring Service is rather useful for those users who are willing to track mobile objects on  the map in a real-time. You may have know of this service from the previous posts in GPSed Blog.

We have finished beta campaign and received various comments and suggestions from GPSed users on how to improve the Service. Now our users could enjoy the full version of GPSed Monitoring Service. A trial is available for 30 days for free and you can select a special pricing plan which covers your requirements:

Family Monitoring ($4.95 / month)

Track your children and aged relatives (up to 3 individuals)


 Business Monitoring ($29.95 / month)

Track small fleets of vehicles, office employees or other mobile objects (up to 25 objects)


Corporate Monitoring ($99.95 / month)

Track corporate employees, ground transportation personnel and large fleets of vehicles (up to 100 objects)


There is no payment per object. All GPSed Monitoring features are included in all plans.

To upgrade your GPSed account, please Sign in and open Settings/Account page, where your can select suitable tracking plan.

We hope our service will help you in your personal and professional life!

Kind regards,
GPSed Team.

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2 Responses to “GPSed Monitoring Service is out of beta!”

Do you have any plans to produce a small device that have a sim card slot and just starts to track when the vehicle moves? Could be a good feature for auto theft of cars, bikes, boats and so on.

All phone apps have a disadvantage that you have to start the software, and if a call comes in - the tracking is interupted.

I see a couple of issues with track naming, privat/public setting etc, but there’s always a work-around :)

Valery Says:

Kyrre Johansson »
We don’t have such plans at this moment, but we are investigating such possibility