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In one of the previous posts we have announced GPSed Monitoring Service for tracking mobile objects on a map in a real-time. Now some new options were added.

  • Disable Google Map overview

When this option is activated a mini map will not be visible on every Google Map of our service.

  • New tracks by your subaccounts are private by the default

All tracks by your subaccounts are private by the default even if their status was “public” when the track was started in a mobile client. The status of your subaccounts tracks could be always changed on “public” manually.

At the moment GPSed Monitoring Service is available for a free beta-testing. Register with a trial account and get free unlimited access for 30 days. Create up to 50 subaccounts to try out the service. Beta testing is open until the end of February, hurry up!

As GPSed Monitoring is a rather new service we are waiting for your feedback. Leave your comments and help us to improve our service, to make it better!

With kind regards,
GPSed Team

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19 Responses to “GPSed Monitoring Service is waiting for your feedback!”

SpritR Says:

I’ll try your new service and am looking forward to enjoying your service.

bmwkayakhiker Says:

What will be the cost of the monitoring service after 30 days?

bmwkayakhiker Says:

How do I share the monitoring URL with a friend?

Valery Says:

bmwkayakhiker »
Prices for GPSed Monitoring Service will be announced in a few weeks.

bmwkayakhiker Says:

How can I get answers to my pending support questions? All of the following problems still exist. I have paid for the Pro version. This is all on the BlackBerry Storm.

Email 2/20 I said:
I’m on a Storm. Login is {deleted}. Have the latest version of the software.
I just drove 14 miles and here is what my data shows on the mobile:
Distance: 13435 mi
Avg speed: 8705 mph
Max speed: 234298 mph

and the track did not update on its own, although set to 10 seconds (paid version).
Trying to upload manually, it sputters at 1.3%, then 2.5%, the something else etc and just quits.
It finally uploaded most of it. There is a 00/00 lat/long position in there that kills the data.

Email 2/21 I said:
Brief Description: false data points. miles way off. track wont upload completely. cant enter SOS SMs number.
Description of issue experienced: see above.
Error message text: virtual keyboard terminated.

Email 2/25 I said:
Still have following problems:

1. Cannot enter either email or SMS number in SOS settings.
2. Getting following msg: Uncaught exception: Application net_rim_bb_virtual_keyboard(127) is not responding: process terminated.

The support is too slow. Please respond.

Valery Says:

bmwkayakhiker »
Thank you for your feedback. Errors you mentioned should be fixed in the latest version of GPSed for BlackBerry.
Please install latest version 1.2.1 for BlackBerry Storm from our wap-site or from Downloads page

Skuff Says:

would be nice to share the LIVE real-time tracking on a Google Map widget instead of I am currently here pin.

If people can embed the a real-time track on their own site or even supply an API which exports the Long and Lat details to XML which people can external grab to and use on their own websites with the Google Maps api?

bmwkayakhiker Says:

All of the above problems still occur with the version d/l just this morning. Suggestion: if the version changes (as was told to me in an email from support), then change the version number.

Also, never got an answer to “how do I share a tracking URL with a friend?”

Valery Says:

bmwkayakhiker »
Please read following post for more information about track sharing:
Share your tracks with friends in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc!

Skuff Says:

Want to embed the tracking map on my site :)

bmwkayakhiker Says:

Valery: thanks for the track sharing link for Facebook, etc. However, what I was looking for is a way to share a link to ONE person, not my whole world on Facebook. Is there a way to give a link to one person?

Luis delgado Says:

it is excelent, resolve my problen with my blackberry bold 9000.

Carlos Borromeo Jr Says:

I’ll give it a whirl on my HTC TyTN II P4550

Jean-Roch Says:

Is it possible to delete an uploaded track?

I am using GPSEd on my HTC running Windows mobile 6 professionnal. In the setting menu, I do not see any option on how to change the location where the tracks are stored. They are stores on the main memory in Application Data/GPSEd. (The procedure listed in the FAQ does not work since the Menu option “-> Settings -> Tracks -> ” is not present.


Valery Says:

Jean-Roch »
Yes, it is possible to delete any of your uploaded tracks. Please read this post for more instructions.

Unfortunaly there is no possibility to save GPSed tracks to memory card in GPSed for Windows Mobile application (this feature available only in GPSed for BlackBerry application)

I just want to know why after downloaded GPSed (For the second time !) I gave up trying to get it to work the first time, But the same problem is back (actually it never worked) I don’t have a clue what’s wrong Is there a way to connect the GPS..All I get is >> GPS DISCONNECTED In Red . I know I have an internal GPS (Blackberry Pearl 8130) I use google maps and it works fine What’s the deal and can I fix it? Or give up and delete it for a third time?????

Valery Says:

Charles Shepherd »
Try to open Google Maps, then close it and open GPSed. It should find satellites.

Please let me know what happens.

travis Says:

If during a track gps signal gets interrupted momentarily it should automatically resume track when possible

Also would really like to be able to measure distance between to points in a track. Like your product so far these would really make it better for me. Thanks

Valery Says:

travis »
Thanks for your feedback. We will try to implement feature you have requested in our future updates.