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February 6th, 2009 by odonata

We are happy to announce GPSed Monitoring Service. Service is really hot and we hope many of our users will find it useful!

Track mobile objects on a map in real-time 

You have cargo company and want to track your vehicles in real-time, or you just want to know position of your children or relatives of advanced age?

GPSed Monitoring service is for you. No need to buy expensive equipment and overpay for airtime. Just use your mobile device (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or J2MEiPhone version is coming soon) with GPS module and start tracking right now.

General Features:

No special GPS hardware: just mobile device with GPSed Mobile Application (Basic version is FREE)

Affordable airtime (30 days free trial)

Simultaneous monitoring of multiple mobile objects

Instant updates

Different tracking modes: one object or group

Real-time objects’ statuses: online, offline, No GPS, speed, etc.

Dynamic tails of objects depending on speed

Coming Soon Features

Alerts. Flexible adjustment and logging

Geofencing. Create zones on a map and adjust automatic alerts controlling movement of your objects (in/out alerts, etc.)

At the moment GPSed Monitoring Service is available for a free beta-testing. Register with a trial account and get free unlimited access for 30 days. Create up to 50 sub-accounts to try out the service. Beta testing is open until the end of February, hurry up!

We appreciate all your suggestions to make GPSed Monitoring Service better !

Yours sincerely,
GPSed Team.

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7 Responses to “GPSed Monitoring Service”

zsafwan Says:

very nice service, I was looking for something like this.

we make GPS tracking devices and would love to integrate this into our device where we send the location to your servers using a sub-account. Basically instead of using Mobile Phone we will use a GPS tracking device to send the data.

if this is in your plans please contact me to discuss in details.
would like to know your planned airtime charges for this service.

Thanks & Best Regards


tony Says:

Hi,I’m looking forward to testing the monitoring service. If I understand how it works,the owner of the phone must start the tracking service for tracking to work. Are there plans to be able to securely initiate the tracking remotely? Such as when the phone is lost or misplaced? Or if my wife or certain colleagues want to find out where I am? (of course, I’d want to be able to control who can query my location).

As future feature suggestion. For one-off events (say school field trip) I’d like to be able to give a one-time log-in to other parents to follow the school bus (assume I’m on the school bus). After the field trip, I’d deactivate that specific log-in don’t want the other parents to be able to track me). I’ve tried doing this with the free GPSed but could both keep a track private and let certain people see it.

thanks, tony

Valery Says:

tony »
Generally, it’s impossible to initiate tracking remotely - user must manually start a mobile application (or it must be always running and always connected to the server).

As for “one-off events” - simplest solution for now is to start private track and give a secret private link to people you want. In that case they will be able to watch the track, but not be able to use monitoring service.

We are planning to implement some kind of “groups”, which will be able to use in GPSed Monitoring Service. So, stay tuned.

bmwkayakhiker Says:

Valery, you said: “As for “one-off events” - simplest solution for now is to start private track and give a secret private link to people you want.”

How do I get the “secret private link” to give to someone?

Valery Says:

bmwkayakhiker »
You need to start track first. Then you can sign in to your GPSed account on GPSed Service, open appropriate track and copy it URL (URL must contain 50 alpha-digit characters after

Valery Says:

bmwkayakhiker »
There is no way to share GPSed Monitoring functionality to someone else, but we are planning to implement such features in future updates.

As for now, you can start LIVE track (public or private) and share track’s URL with anyone you want. To get a “secret private link” to your Private track you need to open this track to list of your “Opened Tracks” and press small icon right from track’s name.

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