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October 6th, 2008 by Valery

Attaching photos to the track is increasing it’s popularity among users. The track with nice photos became much more informative and attractive. It is automatically became a candidate to the featured tracks which are resembled on the main page of GPSed Service.

Here we’ll tell you how we have improved photo attaching wizard. Now the process of photo attaching became even easier than it was before.

What’s new?

You will enjoy new headers and footers, and new design in general. Now all pages are stylish, shipshape and nice.

Before the photos attached to the track the users have a possibility to preview the current results beforehand, change parameters and preview again.

The one feature is of a special importance in the new update. The user could choose any photo from the list and indicate it’s location on the map. After that all remained photos will be geotagged regarding selected one based on the time difference between these photos.

How does it work?!

  • The time of the track point which was selected by the user is determined;
  • The time when the photo was done is also determined;
  • After that, this two time values are compared and saved. To understand better what happen later we’ll give you an example. Imagine there is a photo in the list which was done in a five minutes after selected photo (or ten minutes before it). Such point will be searched based on the time value among all track points and if not founded the photo will remain without geoposition;
  • and so on for all other photos…

Besides the way of photos geotagging which was described above the possibility to enter the time from your photo camera is still remained. Using this function all photos locations will adjusted regarding selected time. The one difference is that now the time value could be additionally adjusted on the 4th step of  the photo wizard if the it was entered not very accurate on the previous step.

Attaching photos to Picasa and FlickR became much more easier for the users now! Try it and prove by yourself!

We have added a possibility for users to attach not only photos from a certain set on FlickR, but all photos from selected date range. By the default this range is equal the dates of start and finish of the track, but could be easily change to another one. Using this feature you can find and attach absolutely every photo from your FlickR account. In Picasa it is a little bit different, the photos could be only in albums there.

Geoposition of photos is saved on Photo-Services (Picasa and FlickR). When the checkbox “Update geoposition on Picasa”  is selected the photo geoposition will be saved inside the photo, and the photo will be visible on the map on corresponding Photo-Service!

For FlickR photos we are using  “Photo Title” as a description from now, which we believe is more valuable than “Photo Description”.

Besides all mentioned above we have done some important bug  fixes concerning photo wizard and added several small features which should make photos attaching more easily and friendly for you.

Attach nice photos to your tracks and keep a good memory of your journey in a free web archive on Free Mobile GPS Tracking Service.

With kind regards,
GPSed Team.

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9 Responses to “Attach photos with no stress”

robert Says:


it seems like this would be a great feature,except I can’t get it to work. I select the photos, go to next screen, then click adjust, click on the photo I want adjusted, then click on the track where I want to put it (sometimes it works, sometimes the track disappears completely), then I click on the button at the bottom saying sth like apply and reallocate all photos, page reloads, and again no photos are geotagged at all, not even the one I just put on the track. What gives?
Perhaps it’s the browser - i’m using google chrome. Will try it with firefox and see if there’s any difference.

robert Says:

nope, same thing with firefox as well…

Valery Says:

robert »
Thanks for your feedback. Could you please specify what Photo-Service you are using? And perhaps you could give me a links to your track and your photos you are trying to attach to this track (you can send them to or post here)

robert Says:

Valery Says:

robert »
Sorry for such delay in response.

It seems like track you have specified was uploaded to GPSed from KML file, which was exported from Nokia SportsTracker. As you can see in track’s stats this track has “Duration: n/a” which means what track has no timestamps for any point, it only contain GPS coordinates, without timestamps. In this case automatic geotagging of photos is impossible because we use timestamps to determine photo’s position.

It’s better to export your track to GPX format (SportsTracker supports GPX export) because GPX format contains timestamps for every GPS point.

gWallet Says:

Very cool feature! Nice to see Vienna in the feautred graphic. :)

Valery Says:

Just FYI.

Recently we have slightly improved fourth step of photo attaching wizard, and it became even more convenient and handy. Photo adjustment feature on a map became more evident and clear. Check it out, and attach your photos with no stress.

shlandon Says:

It seems that there is no way to attach photos to private tracks and still maintain the privacy of the photograph’s GPS data. Since photos need to be in a public gallery on flickr, anyone can look at the photos properties and see the corresponding GPS data. Is there any fix for this in the future? I would love to use this feature to tag my photos, but because of the nature of what I’m photographing/tagging, I can’t have people knowing the GPS coordinates. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide with this. I LOVE this software, btw!!

Valery Says:

shlandon »
You can attach photos to your Private tracks as usual, this is possible. But you can’t attach Private photos from your Picasa/Flickr accounts, because nobody wouldn’t be able to see such photos except you.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback, we will think about implementing a feature, that will allow to exclude any geo-related information during attaching photos to GPSed tracks.